02 February 2009

Another Trip to Malaysia Rain forest- Selancar

We have again organised another 4x4 trips extreme adventure to explore Malaysia rain forest to the toughest trail to SELANCAR, in Pahang. Very popular off road trail among the 4x4 enthusiast in Malaysia, it took almost 4 hour to reach the destination. After take a bit nap and morning meal, we continue the journey to test our 4x4.With 6 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 Diesel and a Land Rover and led by ex-man Rain Forest Challenge (RFC), the journey will take us approximately 7 to 8 hours depending on route condition to reach the first camp site.

Along the route we have to overcome many obstacles that challenged our mental, team spirit and 4x4 vehicle. V gullies, mud pool,winching and river crossing become normal scenario before we reach the camp site at approximately 6.30 p.m.

After set our camp site and having our dinner, we planned to go for night fishing as the rivers are famous to have plenty type of white water fishes. However,heavy rain has pouring the first night and make us spent most of our night in the tent talking about our adventure.

Second day, the night rain has flooded the river and now we are worried how to plan our journey back because crossing the rivers is dangerous due to high water level and rapid rivers which may submerge our 4 wheels and it is the only way back.The decision has been made to stay for another night and wait for the rapid river to be at safe level for us to cross. So on the second day, fishing and repairing our wheels has become our main activities.However, the 2nd night again the heavy rain has become our great enemy and we have to re-plan our journey either to stay or packed and start our journey escape.

3rd day, decision has been made,pack and prepare for our back and the plan is to take a different route which according to our guide and leader may be a bit tougher.After cleared the camp site area, we start to roll at about 10.30 a.m with hope no rain. This back journey we experienced more on handling our 4 wheels on long 'mud pool', more winching techniques using the snatch block, crossing a rapid river and most important lesson were the teams spirit on our escape.

LESSON from trips: Rescue techniques, winching, winching angle, 50 feet winching techniques,mud pool, snatch block, crossing rapid river, snatch trap, v gullies, teams radio and for us most important were not just the off road tips but being a good team with a high team spirit to overcome the obstacles a long our trips and these made these trip a memorable trips. Another lesson, a good off road team is where everybody play their own role and not being so selfish.

To all Blackwind members and other we have a tremendous trip and a very good lesson too.

Over and out.


shimniok said...

Wow, that DOES look like awesome adventure! Thanks for your comment on my blog (http://tc.wagoneer.net). I subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading about exploring Malaysia! -Michael

Fish Whisperer said...

Very cool trip. You guys must have some great times.
Thanks for the visit.

gate valves said...

wow! its almost submerged!