07 September 2015

JKR 4x4 Basic Driving Course

It has been a great days for 9 staffs of Jabatan Kerja Raya, Cawangan Aset Bersepadu when they have completed a 3D2N 4x4 Basic Training handled by Blackwind Adventure Team.

Within this 3D2N they have completed all the syllabus on how to drive a 4x4. Taught theoretically from day one, they have learned how the 4x4 system works and the important components of 4x4 vehicles including the techniques on driving 4x4 in many terrain conditions. It is essential for them to know better about the vehicle before they can start driving it. "When you know better you will drive better". The most vital is they will know how to drive safely and how to avoid accident during driving.

Once they have taught how to drive 4x4, now this is the time to put their knowledge into action. Learning how to drive 4x4 in various type of terrains will make they more careful and alert along the driving path to ensure their safety. Guided by the experience driver as their co-pilot, they have learned step-by-step of driving 4x4 in off-road conditions. Driving uphill, down hill, muddy, river crossing and bridge crossing are some of the off-road driving obstacles they have gone through. Driving with caution and knowledge has build confidence in their driving. They have enjoyed and felt safe when driving with knowledge and for few of the the participants it is their first experience driving a 4x4 in off-road condition and they have completed the driving successfully with zero accident.

Additionally, with in this course they also been introduced and taught how to used many types of recovery tools ussually used during off-road session. It is important to bring along the recovery tools equipment during off-road session and know how to use them, it is also important that they handle the tools safely.

On overall, the participants have completed the course with success and they have brought back home the knowledges and experiences and applied them in their day-to-day job.

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