05 January 2017

Advanced 4x4 course with JKR-Cawangan Perancangan Aset Bersepadu Kuala Lumpur with 10 participants. We departed approximately 9 am from KL heading to reserve forest in Raub, Pahang where the venue of the courses will take place. Accompanied with 3 training 4x4 and 1 logistic 4x4, we reached Raub town estimately 12.30 pm. During our final stop to fuel the tank, 1 of our car noticed that there was a leaking at the rear axle. Further inspected the 4x4, we have been informed that the axle bearing has ruined and need to be replace. So we looked around for a workshop and we have located a workshop to help us on the repair. However, the mechanic only available to do the job after 3 pm as he is currently in the middle of finishing his customer car which he promised that the car can be available for collection on the same day.

After further discussion, we have decided to leave the  2 4x4s to be repaired and the rest of us to continue the journey headed to Kg Sg Ulu, Raub. According to the plan, the lunch has been arranged and scheduled on 1 pm however due to the unexpected problem we only ate our lunch at approximately 3.30 pm. However, everybody is happy and took a positive reaction on what have happen. We did a course refreshment for all participants for them to be fresh when driving on the real off-road driving. Most of them have attended a basic 4x4 course last year but this time they have to put their knowledge into action.

The 2 brokedown 4x4s only reach to our location at 8.00 pm. The journey must go on!.
All participants are now feeling the enthusiasm of driving the 4x4 at night and this is will be their first time driving off-road at night.

We were driving and undergo many obstacles during the night off-road driving  such as mud-pool, river crossing, rock climbing, driving uphill and downhill. The route becomes more challenging when it comes to the rainy season and now this is the time.

We arrived at the campsite in the middle of the night and now we are starving. When you get to the campground, logistics team and our chef quickly made our dinner and we finished our dinner after 01:00. It was a long night but the participants having fun and they have learned new lesson during the night driving session.

This only the part of their learning session and tomorrow they will learn new thing again.

During this 3D2N learning session, the participants have learn new lesson about driving 4x4 in the extreme off road condition (Not really extreme actually). They have also learn about planning, problem solving, decision making, trust and most important is team building.

Hope they will put all the lesson learned and practiced them on their day to day job.

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