06 January 2017

Overland Expedition - Jejak warisan Jawi 4

On 9th October 2016, a press conference has been organised for our next overland trip which is expected to be flagged-off on July 2017. Our last overland trip was in year 2011 and it has been almost 4 years we have not organised any. This upcoming trip is expected to be a very challenge task for us, despite of the route but it also about the mission that we are plan to achieve.

The overland expedition will take us roughly about 24,000 km in total distance on land and will cross over borders of 16 countries. Started from Malaysia, the convoy plan to enter Thailand and then exit at Moe Sat border before we enter Myanmar's border. This is our first time to cross over Myanmar and to make an exit to India's border at Moreh, it will take us approximately 1,800 km. We have no idea what will happen when we in Myanmar as it will be a very long and the riskiest overland we ever had and hope everything will going according to what we plan.

In order to cross over from Mae Sot in Thailand and exit at Moreh, India we will have to appoint a ground handler as our guide and escort for 5 days journey and to have them as our escort has cost us .... I think you know what I meant.
Currently, we are negotiating with them and hope the journey may go on without so much hassle.

Next,  India !!!
See you guys on next post..

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